Tuesday, May 8, 2012


On April 26, 1997, Jason asked me to be his girlfriend and now here we are, fifteen years later! It is hard to believe it has actually been that long, since I definitely don't feel 15 years older;) Yet at the same time so much has filled our lives in that period of time, and we have grown together in amazing ways as a couple.  We have beat the odds in being together and committed for as long as we have, as we are continuously reminded by many, and feel a great sense of pride in what we have accomplished.  We have so much to look forward to...


Blogging has taken a backseat to more important things lately....like catching up on what have now surprisingly become my new favorite series, Spartacus and Game of Thrones!  Who would have guessed that a bloody gladiator spectacle and a medieval fantasy could hold my attention?!  
I've also become a member at Club One gym in Silver Creek - it's really less a sweaty workout facility, and more like a day spa...which means it is perfect for me! 
But of course my little guys are keeping us on the go with lots of baseball games, homework, birthday parties and play dates....our life is wonderfully simple and splendid at the same time :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

In search of the best black booties


Sadly I am 9 months too late in finding these...such a bummer when that happens!

Friday, December 9, 2011


My baby turned 6, enough said.


If I'm being perfectly honest, I really dislike Winter...it's the season I least look forward to.  Not because I don't love the holidays, or the fact that both my boys happen to have winter birthdays (P.S. I need to plan better next time around so a child of mine can celebrate at an outside birthday party!).  It's because it is so friggin' cold and I just wish I could curl up in my flannel sheets and where comfies(aka. really old sweats and raggedy loose shirts and Uggs) all day, every day.  But since I can't look like a slacking teenager in an oversized hooded sweatshirt all day long, I've found some new "Comfies" to leave the house in!

J Crew Saturday Pant-
(aka. Bella's Breaking Dawn "Half Vampire baby sucking the life out of me but I have to wear something blue around Edward" pants)
These are probably the dreamiest pants in the whole wide world, like wrapping my legs in a favorite sweatshirt that I don't want to wash because it might fall apart...that kind of dreamy

Cole Haan ballet flat, since discontinued:( Feels like slippers and can wear with everything
Target sale + sweatshirt + sequins = affordable, cozy and stylish...Score
And since I almost never wear makeup, this Bigelow lip gloss I have in peppermint is the closest thing I get to making the face presentable

My favorite scrunchie face

Thursday, December 8, 2011

So let's Play Catch Up

Do you see how long it's been since I've posted a blog? Life just refuses to slow down for some reason!
So let's catch up shall we....

October Fleet week

Columbus/My Birthday weekend is Fleet Week, and this year we brought both my and Jason's parents to enjoy the spectacle. We had a wonderful time, ate some de-lish Italian food at Luisa's, followed by some SF food truck cupcakes! As usual, Fleet Week did not disappoint.  I understand there are some people who find the whole event obnoxious and encroaching.  But for this family just seeing, hearing, and even feeling the planes and Jets is awe-inspiring...to see my boys with their jaws dropped and eyes amazed, the whole experience couldn't be better!

Jason and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary and I had a birthday the next week. (I can't remember how old I am since having children, so we don't need to acknowledge the actual year!)
We combined our celebration week into a one night stay at the Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay...ate the famous lasagna and pumpkin frites at Pasta Moon, followed by pumpkin fro-yo(hey, we were in Pumpkin central!) and sat in beautiful silence next to our patio fire pit! The next day was unseasonably warm, 78 degrees to be exact and we hiked over to Pillar Point where the historic Mavericks surf competition takes place each year.  I was soooo overdressed and hot but was able to buy some sandals to feel more comfortable... we had a gorgeous weekend.

Some token old wedding pics...

Remembering the cake fight....I think everyone should have one!

Fire pit action with my Coach shoes!
                                                                   Oh right, and the hubby!


                                                                  Quiet sunrise all to myself

I kidnapped my sister to a country music concert...Keith Urban!!! So of course she couldn't fight back, he's too perfect! I haven't been to many concerts since having the boys, but this one was incredible!

Of course there was Halloween, big T chose to be Tim Lincecum, little T refused to where his giraffe costume so we all decided to be "Timmy's" Giants entourage.  It was a warm night, kids had fun, Tanner even went up to one door by himself to get some candy (he was a little weary of the whole process but was happy to have a firm grip on a baseball instead of his Trick-or-Treat bucket!)

Jason ended up being Baby Giraffe the rest of the night!  Here's the family picture Tanner didn't want to be part of!